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HIDDEN AWAY IN SHANXI PROVINCE, CHINA, for more than three hundred years the Hua Dao kung fu system has been battle tested and survived through WWII, as well as the cultural revolution. Hua Dao is a Daoist, family style of kung fu. Hua Dao, like many Chinese words can be translated a variety of ways. Hua means, 'magnificent, splendid, or prosperous.' Dao means, 'path, road, or way.' Magnificent path, splendid way, and prosperous road can all be used to translate the meaning of the name.

Hua Dao is a rare art with no dilineations from its source. It has been passed on from from father to son for five generations with sixth generation Master Donaidh Allen as the chosen successor, and the first non-blood relative to inherit the system. Being a style rooted deeply in Daoist philosophy, the Hua Dao style is not just a martial arts system, but a culture and way of life. It is traditional and pure, having everything needed for one to "walk the path." It is one of the most complete martial arts systems in the world and a system for healthy living with a strong emphasis on its martial practices for the development of morally upright, honest, caring, & well balanced individuals. From children to adults, the style can benefit everyone in any condition.


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2017 Upcoming Events

Be sure to check our Tumblr Page for more info! The link is at the bottom in social media
Health Preservation Qi Gong Program

Mount Vernon, TX. - November 2017

Health Preservation Qi Gong
New York. October 21 2017

Ba Gua Sword
New York. December 2 & 3 2017

Acupuncture Needling Techniques 2017 & 2018

New York, California, Colorado, Australia
Dates coming soon!!!

Disciple Program

Starting summer of 2018
Interested parties can inquire by emailing and simply explaining why they would want to be a disciple, what they hope to achieve,

Qi Gong Instructor Certification

Mt. Pleasant, TX. October

100 hour course that could be completed in several timely options. Check the classes section for brief details; contact us for full details.

Hua Dao USA Headquarters

Mount Vernon, Texas
Classes are private and by appointment, and invitation only

We are a closed door system and school

Call 903-305-3855 for details

Chinese Medical Therapies are available at the Franklin County Family Health Center. Call first as we might not be in the center.

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Instructor Shifu Donaidh Allen

Shifu Donaidh Allen

Grand Master

Shifu Allen is a sixth generation direct disciple of Hua Dao Zhen Ren, as well as the chosen lineage holder to the Hua Dao family style and the Nine Palace sect of Daoism. He has been training in martial arts for thirty years and has trained formally in Wing Chun, Hung Ga, Yang tai chi, Wah Lum, and Wudang. He is a sixteenth generation disciple in the Wudang San Feng sect since 2004.

Over the years he has competed in and judged many tournaments. His last was the Shanxi provincial tournament in China, his first in over a decade, where he earned gold in empty hand forms and silver for his sword in 2010. In 2011 he was asked to return and participate in the master's exhibition. Master Allen is a graduate of the Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and travels domestically and internationally to lecture and teach on the many aspects of Chinese medicine, Daoism, kung fu, Chinese language and calligraphy.


On February 11th 2015, Hua Dao Zhen Ren ascended from the mortal realm. He started his kung fu training when he was five years old. He learned the system from his father and grandfather. At the young age of eleven, he took up arms and fought against the Japanese in World War II. He became part of the famous Eighth Road Army and by fourteen was awarded many medals and promotions for efforts.

After the war, he continued his military career while still maintaining his training and education. He taught in the Taiyuan Central park for over fifty years. He has authored many books regarding the system and lived a Daoist lifestyle. He has been recognized by the Chinese government, and was well-respected in the martial arts community as an authority on martial arts and Daoism.

Instructor Zhen Rhen

Hua Dao Zhen Rhen

Grand Master (deceased)

Instruction in Hua Dao is carefully structured. In the beginning, basics are thoroughly covered. Once the student demonstrates proficiency of the basics, then body mechanics, alignment and technique will be covered in depth to prevent injury. Every precaution is taken to ensure a safe, healthy kung fu practice. When the student has become comfortable with the kung fu basics, then deeper levels of material are covered such as forms and fighting methods. Forms are taught in one to three move segments. Depending on the individual student, this is sometimes adjusted to their personal pace.

Because of the innate intricacy and detailed nature of a kung form, the duration of the instruction needed to adequately master a form depends largely on the student's personal learning pace. Practice outside of instruction time is highly encouraged to help with more effectively and quickly learning a form to completion. This applies to all empty hand and weapon forms, taiji forms, qi gong, and push hands. The following is a partial list of our forms and practices:

External Kung Fu

External kung fu utilizes strength, speed, and hardness through fast paced, cardio, and muscle building routines that allow the practitioner to learn the essence of the style through practice of the various stances and strikes in a sequence of movements.

Hand Forms include Five Stances Fist, Small Rushing Fist, Supreme Harmony Fist, Primordial Chaos 24 Potentials.

Weapons Forms include Journey Stick, Nameless Stick, Spring and Autmn Broadsword, Plum Flower Broadsword, Great Spirit Spear, Guarding the Gate Sword, Eight Trigrams Sword

Internal Kung Fu

Internal kung fu utilizes subtlety, slowness, and softness. All internal practices are slow paced, low impact, but muscle building. They are geared towards health cultivation with the exception of taiji and push hands which also have martial value.

Taiji Forms ­include Taiji 13 Potentials, Taiji 48 Potentials, Taiji 72 Potentials. Qi Gongs ­ Hua Dao Health Preservation Qi Gong, Grasping Sunrise Qi Gong, Plucking Medicine Qi Gong, Chinese Calligraphy.

Nei Dan, Meditation (sitting and standing)

Hua Dao Kung Fu offers a variety of training and instruction methods. Please peruse the list below to see the details of our various classes; if one in particular interests you, please contact us to arrange the class.


Private Instruction

Private instruction is completely customizable according to the student's financial and time constraints. Whether one time, once a week, or exclusive private training, a flexible schedule can be created according to each student's individual needs.


Corporate Training

Health and happiness of employees has been proven to increase productivity and efficiency in the work. Fortune five hundred companies have capitalized on this casual relationship and have hired Qi Gong and yoga masters to improve the emotional and physical well being of their workers.



A seminar is a short term, intensive study program as a group with the purpose of mastery of a specific skill or form upon completion. Master Allen offers seminars for any of the individual forms of the Hua Dao system including Qi Gong, push hands, Taiji and any of the external kung fu sets as well as fighting applications, self defense, or instruction in Daoist practice. Seminars will vary in length based on the diffculty level of the chosen topic and the clients' personal time constraints.


Qi Gong Instructor Certifications

Qi Gong has a multitude of health benefits and is an excellent compliment for people pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Our internal methods, which utilize the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, are extremely effective. If you operate clinics, schools, spas, wellness centers, gyms, etc and would like to provide Qi Gong instruction to your clients, we offer Qi Gong instructor certification.

Shifu Allen ensures all certified instructors thoroughly understand the concepts, movements, subtle details and healing aspects of the practice. Many Qi Gong instructors know the movements to their forms, but don't understand why those movements facilitate specific physiological responses. With a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Master Allen has a clear understanding of these lesser known aspects of Qi Gong and ensures each instructor can demonstrate mastery of the physical form in addition to the proficiency with the terminology and theraputic effects of Qi Gong movement and practice.


Disciple Program

For those who find that kung fu is a discipline they would like to pursue as a career, Shifu Allen is seeking any who are willing to dedicate themselves, physically and mentally to continually study the entirety of the Hua Dao system with the eventual goal of opening a Hua Dao school of their own. Please contact us if this is the career path for you.

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